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Ulungele Tours and Charters CC holds the right to amend these terms and conditions.

It does not permit anybody and you may not: duplicate, copy any of the written content or photos, translate, distribute, resell and modify any of the content or portion thereof for any purpose without the prior written consent of Ulungele Tours and Charters CC. 

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Enquiries and Requests

Tours can be booked through our online request form, via direct email enquiry or via direct telephone calling the number on the website. Your signature/sign off name on the booking form or direct email, confirms your acceptance of these terms and conditions between yourself and Ulungele Tours and Charters CC.

Payment Methods and Booking Confirmation

For tours longer than one day at the time of booking, a deposit of 50% of the total price is required. This deposit will secure your booking with us booked for the required dates. The total balance of the booked tour is due 30days before the official tour commences. If the total balance is not received 30days before the tour starts, Ulungele Tours and Charters CC reserves the right to cancel your reservation and retain the deposit. Bookings received less than 30days prior to the start of the tour will need to be settled in full. Payments can be done via Ulungele Tours and Charters CC online PayPal Account with the link on their website.

For a day tour booking only, a deposit is not required. If however you would like to settle the agreed amount before the tour departure, you can settle via the online PayPal Account with the link on the website. Or you can settle on the day in cash in South African Rand’s.

Cancellation Procedure

The cancellation of tours, needs to be received in writing from the client, who’s name appears on the booked tour and has to be acknowledged by Ulungele Tours and Charters CC. If the cancellation is received 30days or less prior to the arrival date, Ulungele Tours and Charters CC will charge 100% of the cost. If the guest/s fails to join the tour after departure or leaves the tour before the completion of the tour, there will be no reimbursement made to the guest. If the cancellation is more than 30-45days prior to your arrival date, the guest will receive 50% from the total outstanding moneys back. Subject to carry all transaction costs implemented. 

Cancelled Tours by Ulungele Tours and Charters CC

If for unforeseen circumstances, a paid tour with Ulungele Tours and Charters CC is cancelled, by Ulungele Tours and Charters CC, we will refund the full amount. If a tour booked directly with Ulungele Tours and Charters CC is cancelled by Ulungele Tours and Charters CC after departure and cannot proceed and finish through any pertinent reason for example: severe weather storms, massive strikes, etc, we will not be held responsible for any form of refund of the tour.

General Terms and Conditions

Ulungele Tours and Charters CC will not be held responsible for the improper acts of a guest/s on a tour guided by Ulungele Tours and Charters CC and we reserve the right and will exclude you from the tour.

Baggage accompanied by and with the guest/s will remain the property and responsibility for the safe keeping by the guest/s. Luggage handed over to Ulungele Tours and Charters CC for safe keeping and transportation, are done so by the guest/s own risk.

It is of upmost importance that the guest/s needs to notify Ulungele Tours and Charters CC of any medical illness or condition before they embark on a booked tour. It is also necessary that the guest/s need to have comprehensive medical travel insurance for tours booked with us. Any information passed onto us, will be kept with the strictest of confidence.

For the southern parts of South Africa (Western Cape & Eastern Cape) of where most of our tours are conducted, it is indeed a malaria free environment. However, if under any circumstances the tours are conducted into areas where there is malaria, the guest/s needs to make sure that they are prepared for this and should get more information from their local doctor before departing from their country.

The responsibility of having a valid passport, visas and other related travel documents for travelling to South Africa, solely rests on the guest/s. Passport’s needs to have at least three clean pages and needs to be valid for at least six months from the date of departure.

Responsibility of Ulungele Tours and Charters CC 

Ulungele Tours and Charters CC will be responsible for providing the guided tours listed on their website to the detailed description and will be followed through from start to finish on the day. However, if for any circumstances, we can adjust the tour on the day by the consent and discussion of the guest/s, we can alternate the day slightly. Ulungele Tours and Charters CC will not be held responsible or liable for any personal accidents and loss of luggage by the guest/s. 

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