Ulungele Tours & Safari’s was incorporated in 2009 and is owned and operated by husband and wife team Hank & Carmelita. Choosing the tourism industry came as no surprise as because it coincides with our personalities, outdoor loving, charismatic and sociable people. Both of us worked in the tourism industry for many years and believed that our customers should receive just the best in comfort, reliable and stress free leisure time.

Ulungele Tours & Safari’s has received a steady amount of growth since it started. Beginning with just one vehicle and two employees, today we are able to sustain 6 vehicles, four employees and three part-time free-lance tour guides.

Our customers deserve a personal touch, that is why we are geared to cater more towards couples and family / small group private tours. We manage larger group travelers as well and offer quite competitive rates. How often do you find enjoyable and value in the same sentence?

That is why you’ll find with us, enjoyable “Ventures with Value”

We continue to strive to build meaningful relationships with companies at home and abroad. Ulungele Tours & Safari’s would like to take the opportunity to thank our business partners and especially those that have recommended us to family and friends that contributed to help grow a successful business. A special thanks as well for our return customers that has been with us for years, that have trusted us as their official service provider, it goes to show that we doing something right.

Should you want to get in touch with us, you may send us an email for an enquiry.

So waste no time, book your flight to Cape Town, South Africa and we will take care of the rest.

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